Our Story

We are In Sense - two friends who discovered the magic and beauty of high-quality incense and want to spread the word

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In Sense was born during unsettling times.

When our busy minds needed calm and peace. When our restless bodies longed for freedom and nature. When our senses and imagination were craving to be awakened.

During this time, we reached for incense. Striking a match to light an incense stick and immersing ourselves in a rich sensory experience became an everyday ritual.

As the wonderful fragrances filled our space, we soon came to appreciate the value of incense handmade from high-quality natural ingredients. We realised it was a completely different experience compared to using synthetic, factory-produced products.

We then spent months sampling and sourcing artisanal incense from around the world settling for nothing less than natural ingredients, ethical incense making practices and the most enchanting aromas. We found something very special to share with you.

So, where will your senses take you?

And so, In Sense began

Our Ethos

At In Sense, we are doing our bit to protect our planet for future generations. We know that the decisions we make can have a positive impact now and in the future.

Our incense products are ethically produced using sustainably sourced ingredients and our packaging is recyclable, biodegradable, and compostable.

Our Benefits

Product Features

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Natural Ingredients

Our incense sticks are made using 100% natural ingredients. From the sustainable bamboo sticks and chemical-free base materials, right through to the highest-quality fragrant oils and resins made from naturally aromatic plants.

We are proud to offer clean-burning incense sticks that are chemical and synthetic-free, non-toxic, and vegan. 

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Expertly-blended Fragrances

Our fragrances are refined using only the highest-grade fragrant oils and resins. These have been selected by our expert perfumer in London to create incense with perfectly-balanced and long-lasting scents.

Our Deluxe range has been refined further. It is made with minimal base ingredients and a higher concentration of the finest oils and resins to offer an even more luxurious, full-bodied incense like nothing you’ve tried before. 

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Ethically Produced

Our incense sticks are handmade in a village workshop in India - small scale, not mass-produced in factories. Our production process creates no byproducts and no safety hazards for employees.

We work with a traditional incense producer committed to ethical work practices and employee welfare. It is important to us to help preserve the local community crafts of old India and support a small local economy. 

Box of In Sense Classic Frankincense natural, handmade incense with drawing of frankincense tree and resin

Classic Frankincense Incense

Box of In Sense Deluxe Sandalwood natural, handmade incense with drawing of sandalwood plant

Deluxe Sandalwood Incense

Box of In Sense Classic Orange Blossom natural, handmade incense with drawing of orange blossom plant and white flowers

Classic Orange Blossom Incense

Box of In Sense Deluxe Bulgarian Rose natural, handmade incense with drawing of bulgarian rose plant and pink flower plant

Deluxe Bulgarian Rose Incense