Original Christmas Gift Ideas - 2021 Edition

Christmas Gift Ideas


You are probably wondering – why would incense make a good Christmas or seasonal gift and why should you choose In Sense? Well, we are glad you asked! Here are our top 5 reasons:


⛄ A gift awakening senses – Good quality incense releases an emotive fragrance, that amplifies the energy within and around you. You can use incense to lift or enhance your mood, as well as to wrap yourself in a cloud of evocative high vibe aromatics. 

⛄ A unique & original gift – mugs, socks, and candles have long been go-to token gifts. However, why not pick something different this year and give the gift of incense. Additionally, original accessories, like incense burners, can make the act of burning incense even more pleasurable.

⛄ Luxury experience – although often overlooked, good quality incense can be just as wonderful as their wax-and-wick counterparts, scented candles. Incense is made out of plant matter burned for its aromatic properties – at In Sense, we pick only the highest quality natural ingredients for elevated luxury experiences.

⛄ Ethically made - Our incense sticks are handmade in a village workshop in India - small scale, not mass-produced in factories. We work with a traditional incense producer committed to ethical work practices and employee welfare. It is important to us to help preserve the local community crafts of old India and support a small local economy.

⛄ Supporting small business – we are a two women band behind what is In Sense – constantly switching between the roles of brand managers, customer support agents, strategists, incense packers, operations managers, and more. We put a lot of love and attention into everything that we offer and we hope you can sense the difference. The pun was intended. 


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Lots of love, 

Your In Sense girls