Our 'Ocean Friends' Prints: The Inspiration

You might be wondering 'why are In Sense selling prints?' or 'prints seem an unusual product for an incense business to sell!'. But it all makes sense!

Read on to learn all about the inspiration for our first collaboration featuring three illustrations as part of the 'Ocean Friends' print series as well as how this collaboration fits with the values of In Sense.
Ocean Friends illustrations

Why prints?

In Sense is all about creating special experiences through engaging the senses. We know a thing or two about how certain smells can unlock memories, awaken the imagination, or bring calm. However, through collaboration with other creators, makers, and artists we want to bring to life all of the senses.

We will be adding some limited-edition items to our platform focused on sight, sound, taste, touch and beyond. Our first collaboration is with a very talented illustrator & artist and is focused on the sense of sight. 

Artist Spotlight

Photo of Kirsty smiling

Originally from South Africa, Kirsty Hayden-Smith is an illustrator & artist based in East London, UK. She works cross disciplinary between pencil, ink and watercolour illustration and paper craft sculpture. Drawing inspiration (pun intended) primarily from environmental conservation, her work most often centres around animals and environmental consciousness. 

We first met Kirsty as one of the friendly faces at our local coffee shop (Perky Blenders x Good Vibes) and once we came to learn of her incredible artistic talent, this collaboration was a no brainer! We just love her work and her ethos, and being able to offer her a platform to share her work makes us very happy!

You can check out more of Kirsty's work here.

Behind the Designs

We asked Kirsty to tell us what inspired the 'Ocean Friends' series and this is what she had to say.

"The 'Ocean Friends' series was spurred from the #DrawTheOceans challenge set by Greenpeace UK at the start of 2021 - to shine a spotlight on our easily forgotten oceanic neighbours. Championing vulnerable and much loved mascots of the big blue, the prints also celebrate the silent ecosystems that host them. This series collaboration is a serendipitous cross-over between a shared mutual love of the seas."

To our excitement, Kirsty also felt inspired by the joy of our Monster Collection of incense holders, and as a result, our Incense Monsters have stretched into new territories of print illustration - meet the 'Yogi Monster'!

The artist found inspiration from her own whimsical incense torchbearer (named Stu, she has disclosed) and the natural junction between incense and yoga practice. The rituals of both incense and yoga offer a transportive moment to pause, take stock and sink into the small joys of the day.

Supporting the Environment

As you can see, Kirsty draws a lot of her inspiration and joy from nature and the ocean, and she is passionate about doing her bit to give back. We will be donating 10% of the profit from each print sale in this series to Greenpeace UK. You can read more about their work here.

We are sure our beautiful ocean-inspired prints will be the perfect accompaniment to bring peace and creativity to your space. We can't wait to hear what you think!