Benefits of Incense

Many of us have experienced a certain type of smell — a freshly baked apple crumble, clean linen, or warm summer rain — that brings back memories or associations evoking strong emotions. Neuroscientists have long argued that this is not anecdotal. For example, one study found greater brain activity associated with olfactory stimuli (like the smell of a rose) than with visual stimuli (like the sight of a rose).

Immersing ourselves in fragrant experiences, such as burning incense, and developing an understanding of how different scents make us respond can play an important role in our lives. We can use these experiences to our advantage to trigger desired responses in specific times of our life.

Below we explore 10 ways in which the various attributes and fragrances of incense could benefit you in your everyday life. 

1. Relax & reduce anxiety 🤯 

Reduce anxiety

The ritual and practice of lighting an incense stick, sitting down comfortably to watch the smoke swirl and the ash fall while gentle aromas are filling your nostrils and your imagination could prove to be one of the best tools to calm your mind and soul.

Let your heart rate and breath slow when engaging in the daily act of incense burning. Looking at specific fragrances, Patchouli is known to help you create more space in your mind. It is also used when recovering from burnouts and for soothing stress and anxiety.

Try our Patchouli scent for yourself and create your moment of calm. 

2. Meditate & practice mindfulness 😊


It is not a secret that incense is widely used in many religious and mindfulness practices to focus the attention, heighten senses and uplift the spirit. The burning of an incense stick could also be used as a measure of the passage of time you gift yourself in mediation.

SandalwoodFrankincense, and Myrrh are widely used as scents that can transport you to the depths of your consciousness without distracting your thoughts and overpowering your senses.

3. Awaken your creativity 👾


A carefully and thoughtfully picked scent can be used to awaken your creativity, stimulate mental performance, and increase idea generation. Agarwood has been long known for this and is relied upon by artists and creators to enhance their state of flow and to evoke inspiration.

Switching up your home fragrances could provide some unexpected inspiration. Our Palo Santo and Oud scent could work wonders in invigorating your mind and creativity. 

4. Increase focus 🧠 


Less intrusive than music, fragrances could work as a brilliant aid to enhance your focus and concentration. The subtle effect a certain scent could have on your work, study, or other projects would make incense your perfect companion.

Burning Agarwood and other uplifting fragrances such as Orange BlossomFrankincense, and Palo Santo and Oud would get your mind focused on the most demanding of tasks.

5. Create a romantic mood 💖


It could be quite handy to know that our mind and desire can be activated by certain aphrodisiac scents. Whenever you want to create a romantic, sensual mood, use one of the best fragrances for it – Bulgarian Rose.

The enchanting and mysterious scent of rose, as well as jasmine and some cinnamon and vanilla-based scents, are guaranteed to evoke passion and loving moments. 

6. Have better sleep 😴 

Better sleep

Insomnia and poor sleep quality are one of the biggest issues haunting our modern society today. Use smooth and calming fragrances such as SandalwoodFrankincense, and Myrrh to unwind and drift off to sleep.

Some other scents such as lavender are also associated with better sleep. Additionally, burning an incense stick just before falling asleep is much safer than burning an unsupervised candle.

7. Improve your yoga practice 🧘‍♀️

Yoga practice Burning an incense stick during your yoga practice can help to create that special atmosphere for your body and mind. You may come to associate yoga practices with certain scents making it easier to get into your flow.

Set an intention for your practice when lighting a natural, non-toxic, and chemical-free incense stick. Incense comes in a variety of fragrances, each with its specific properties – choose calming or invigorating scents depending on your practice.

8. Discover new home fragrances ✨ 

Home fragrance

One of the first things that people tend to notice when entering someone’s home is the smell. Whether that is the scent of freshly brewed coffee, baked goods, or a beautiful candle – pleasant and beautiful smells make every home more inviting and more cosy.

When we think of home fragrances, the first thing that tends to spring to mind might be a scented candle or reed diffuser. However, the often-overlooked incense is a more natural, environmentally friendly, longer-lasting, and affordable option.

 9. Aid your spiritual practices 🙇‍♀️

Spiritual practice

 Incense has long been used in various religious practices and ceremonies, familiar to Christians, Muslims, Hindus, and Pagans just to name a few religious groups.

However, you do not have to follow any specific religion or tradition to use incense for your spiritual needs. Incense sticks can be used as a symbolic or sacrificial item whether you are into crystals and energy work or quiet meditation. 

10.  Develop a new interest 🎈 

New interest

The existence of In Sense is the result of two friends discovering the magic and beauty of high-quality incense. Learning about incense and how different fragrances can transform our everyday lives and sharpen our senses has proven to be a fascinating hobby turned business.

Some people become wine connoisseurs, some people become art collectors – we are on our early path to becoming olfactory experts. What new interest might incense bring to you?


❗❗❗ What is your favourite benefit of incense❓❓❓

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