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Natural Handmade Incense


Give the gift of Natural Handmade Incense!

Natural Ingredients | Expertly-blended Fragrances | Ethically Produced


Natural Handmade Incense



Box of In Sense Classic Frankincense Incense

Create your moment of calm with our natural, handmade incense. Each fragrance has been selected by our expert perfumer.

Scent Match Test

Singe natural incense stick with green drawn question marks surrounding it

Are you new to incense? Not sure which scent is right for you? Take our 1 minute test to find out.

Incense-inspired Prints

In Sense Yogi Monster illustration

Through collaboration with creators, makers, and artists we want to bring to life all of the senses. Our first collaboration is with a very talented illustrator & artist and is focused on the sense of sight. 

A mans hands lighting an incense stick with a dark green background, the lighter and the incense stick have a small flame

Our Story

In Sense was born during unsettling times. When our busy minds needed calm and peace. When our restless bodies longed for freedom and nature. When our senses and imagination were craving to be awakened.

During this time, we reached for incense. Striking a match to light an incense stick and immersing ourselves in a rich sensory experience became an everyday ritual.

And so, In Sense began.


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